We are on Gigóia Island, an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Perfect for couples and families, our facilities offer a homely and super cozy atmosphere. Located 300 meters from Jardim Oceânico Metro Station, the hotel offers private deck for boarding and disembarkation.



Fashion Mall

The most charming shopping mall in Rio is right next to you! An incredible variety of shops, restaurants, theater and cinema programs are some of the attractions that the mall offers, as well as its completely innovative and modern structure and design

Barra Beach

The longest beach in Rio de Janeiro is a must-have for you! With crystal clear waters, huge varieties of quakers, bars and restaurants, the beach bar is perfect for you, your family and friends. Come and spend unforgettable moments of fun.

Copacabana Beach

Getting to the most famous beach in the world is very simple. From Beach House you will have easy access to all means of transportation to be just minutes from these natural beauties.

Joatinga Beach

The beach is small in extent, much sought after by celebrities in search of greater privacy. It can not be visited on high tide days as the waters cover the sand. A true hidden paradise in the middle of the big city.

Stand Up

The new way of rowing is offered to you by the people! You will be able to venture in the tranquil waters of the island, having an unprecedented experience, without having to move from the island.


Sailing for sure is one of the most enjoyable things in life, and that's why we offer kayaks for our guests. The practice is relaxing and perfect for those who want to get out of the city bustle and enjoy the natural landscapes of Rio de Janeiro

Jet Ski

If you are fan base and authentic experiences you need to take a ride with our ski jets! Come and have fun!

Slack Line

In our hostel we offer you the darling object of nature lovers! The slack line offers balance practices in addition to proposing a direct contact with nature.

Abricó Beach

The Abricó Beach offers an exotic adventure, unlike anything you've ever seen. The beach has great privacy and because of this was chosen for the practice of naturism. The beach has been authorized since 2003 for practice and is ideal for those looking for unique and innovative experiences.


The beach preferred by surfers is very close to you. The small stretch of beach is a true natural paradise within the city. The best time to visit is in the morning to enjoy the sun that hides between the mountains in the afternoon.

Grumari's Beach

Known for its majestic waterfront, this beach is located in one of the quietest neighborhoods of the city. Its crystalline waters and its waves, much sought after by tourists, characterize one of the most beloved beaches in Rio.

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